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EcoPact Low Carbon Concrete Performs Well and is Supplied Same Rates as Standard Mix Designs

Key benefits of Low-Carbon Concrete:
  • Arriving on time.
  • Can be pumped exactly the same as standard grey concrete.
  • Workability is excellent during placement.
  • Finishing is an even colour and consistent surface evaporation.
  • No extra costs, supplied at the same rate.
  • Significant embodied carbon reduction per m3. (Depending on plant locations)

Holcim, a leading global construction supplier, has set ambitious emissions targets and is making significant strides in achieving them without compromising product quality. Their Ecopact range, which we’ve integrated into our projects for slabs, footings, and blockfill, has proven itself reliable and consistent.

This premixed concrete arrives at the building site on time and performs comparably to other suppliers’ mixes, delivering excellent results crucial for our precise construction needs. We’ve observed reduced surface shrinkage cracks, achieved uniform colouration, and successfully honed and polished post-curing, enhancing overall project outcomes.

Holcim’s Ecopact represents a worthwhile investment as a low carbon alternative to traditional concrete mixes. Many suppliers are now exploring recycled content options to mimic similar mix designs, reflecting a broader industry shift towards sustainable building practises. For those interested in a deeper technical understanding, Holcim experts discuss the product extensively on a dedicated podcast, highlighting its environmental benefits and construction advantages.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability begins at the foundational level of product selection. Holcim’s innovative approach not only supports our sustainability goals but also enhances construction quality. We’re enthusiastic about embracing these positive outcomes, driven by global efforts to reduce carbon footprints across the construction sector.

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