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Musgrave // Red Hill

Revitalising a Worker's Cottage with Vision and Expertise

The original workers cottage was renovated internally by the owner’s/architect with their home based studio downstairs accessible from the side street.

They came to us seeking a team willing to collaborate on the details and sequencing of their ambitious goals for completing their overall project. There were several challenges on this site due to limited access, complex below ground waterproofing requirements and excavating and building under completed works upstairs.

The results of this collaboration is a proud achievement for both the architect, Zuzana Nicholas Architecture, and our team.

Photographs by Clinton Weaver

Testimonial from Nick and Zuz

We had an excellent experience with Thirdson Construction in the renovation of our own home and architecture studio. The team was always fully onboard with achieving the design outcome that we had documented. We never felt any pushback on our ideas and often worked closely together to resolve some of the more ambitious details on site. We have subsequently recommended Thirdson to current residential clients of our practice and hope to continue to work together.

// Nick and Zuz, Red Hill


Key Project Details

Location: Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland

Service Type: Renovation / Build Under

Design: Zuzana Nicholas Architecture

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